As people increasingly work, attend classes, and interact online, the need for accessibility increases. Whether you develop enterprise-level applications, design newsletters, purchase software, or send the occasional email, you can contribute to a more accessible and inclusive environment.

Here are eight quick tips from the BUILD IT Accessibility presentation. 

Instead of... Try this...
Sending a flat image of a flyer through email Send a text version that can be read by assistive technology
Making an inaccessible PDF on a flatbed scanner Export an accessible PDF from Word or other software
Publishing an online video without captions Create captions for the video and publish them alongside te video
Using bold, large, italic text formatting for headings and sections Use genuine headings from the styles or formating toolbar in your application
Purchasing any old software package Ask the vendor to provide documentation on their product's accessibility
Relying solely on color to provide emphasis Use color alongside descriptive text or other distiguishing characteristics
Creating hyperlinks that say "Click Here", "Learn More", or "Go" Use the link text to tell users where they're going and what to expect
Saying, "Accessibility is someone else's job" Take the lead. Consider how you can promote and support accessibility in your area.