Use headings to create outline and structure

For documents with multiple topics or sections, headings are a simple way to simplify navigation. Screen reader users are able to efficiently traverse a file using headings; others can use the Navigation pane or Outline view. Word headings will also export to PDF and HTML, ensuring a higher level of accessibility in those formats as well.

Document creators can also leverage headings and other style elements for consistent formatting and simplified maintenance.

Organize your document with Word headings (30-second video)

  1. Open your Word document for editing
  2. Click or key your cursor into the text you want to present as a heading
  3. In the Formatting toolbar (Home tab) click the Heading 1 button, OR use key combo ALT+O, S to open the style pane and key to the Heading 1 style option
  4. Continue through the document, applying appropriately nested headings for each topic heading.
  5. Review the document outline in Navigation View (View > Navigation Pane)